Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas, and moms-to-be! 🙂 Don’t forget to make their day special. Go out and celebrate with them! Treat them! Or if you are out on a budget, your tight hug, your warm kiss and your company the entire day is enough to make her smile… or maybe cry out of joy. It’s time to get senti with them. Hehehe! Really, most moms would love that. Make this day a memorable one, or maybe start today in making each and every single day like mother’s day! Treasure and love them dearly while they are around. 🙂

And for the one of the most important and special person in my life, Happy Mother’s Day, momski! 🙂 I love you sooooo much! And I really, really miss you now that we don’t see each other everyday (as if I live so far… hehehe)! But still I feel so guilty which is why to somehow makeup for those times we weren’t together, I’m really paying for our Hong Kong trip. 🙂 At least for a change, it would be my treat. I’ve been working for more than 2 years now and I thought of giving you something you really, really like, which is traveling. Ummm… not that I’ve been giving stuff she doesn’t like. Hehehe! I just know that her first love is traveling. Well, I can’t afford a Euro or U.S. trip for now. Maybe, next time. Hehehe! Of course, I have to pay times two! Isn’t weird if I pay for my mom then I let her pay for my ticket?! LOL! Of course, I should go with her! Any traveling opportunity shouldn’t be ignored! Well, yah I know I was such an idiot before (to those who know about this story… hehehe!). But anyway, to momski- let me clarify, only the airfare! LOL! Hmmm… the accommodations… I’m still thinking about it… Hahaha! But definitely not your shopping because your “pasalubongs” alone to tons of people (Yah, she really is like a Santa Claus!) would make me bankrupt! LOL! Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day again momski! I love you! 🙂