Yup, you read it right! Sorry about the topic but this one just needs to be announced since we all have loved Archie! 🙂 A lot of us grew up reading Archie comics and for decades the love triangle, Archie – Veronica – Betty, have brought too much fuzz and debates amongst us. I, myself, am confused if I like Veronica or Betty for Archie. I remember, for every issue that I read, I always had a fave. Hehehe! If Veronica is being too snotty, I’m definitely pro-Betty, but whenever I feel that Betty is too good to be true, I instantly find her boring. Hehehe! I suppose I’m not the only one who had this kind of uncertainty. Hehehe! 🙂

But now, Archie has finally made a choice! This is what we have been waiting for so long! So who is the lucky girl? It’s Veronica! So for Archie fanatics, await for this collectible to be out this August!

So now, do you think Archie made the right choice? Voice out your vote! 🙂

* Picture ain’t mine. I just got in from an e-mail. 🙂