black nintendo wii

There are rumors that the black Nintendo Wii will be out in the market soon. Well, as expected, the Japanese are the lucky ones to have the first feel of this new Nintendo Wii. I’m not sure though if this black Wii comes with new features, but simply basing on the color, I still prefer the white one that we have at home. I love white, which explains why my laptop is white and why my car is white! Hehehe! 🙂 Oh, and which is also why I have always loved Macbooks. Yah, I used to love Macbooks because of it’s color and not because of it’s features. Hehehe! Before I bought my current laptop, I wanted to get a Macbook, but the price then turned me off. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same case with Fashion Juice too. I know how much she loves white too. But, but, but, with Fashion Juice’s news, could this be a sign since both our laptops are starting to give up on us?! Eeeek! Sorry if this is a bit off topic already… I’m just super, super excited. I hope I could bring one home from Hong Kong. *wishing* 🙂 (Now, I’m not aiming for the white one. I now find the new aluminum Macbooks cool since it’s a lot faster than my laptop!)