Imagine your favorite designer collaborating with one of your fave car makers.  Wouldn’t that make an ultimate dream ride? 🙂 Well, our one and only Karl Lagerfeld invaded the so-called men’s world and made it uber fashionable! 🙂

Lagerfeld was seen at the shooting of Chanel’s pre-spring collection at Chanel’s boutique in Rue Royale, Paris and there unveiled the custom designed Chanel motorcycle.


Photos from Hypebeast

Hmmm… I’m not fond of motorcycles, but this bike has got some attitude, eh? 🙂 I just love the way this big bike retained its masculinity, but at the same time, still has that juice of chic-ness because of the Chanel logos. The once rugged-looking bike is now oozing with elegance! That’s how Chanel brings out magic in everything. Hehehe! Now, I’m imagining my dream car being customized by Chanel. I know I’m crazy! Hehehe! 🙂