Don’t you love it when brands offer after-sales service? I really appreciate it when stores take care and value their clients. And I have to commend Pandora for being one of those brands. They offer free lifetime cleaning for their Pandora bracelets. I’m not so sure though if this service is offered in other countries or for their other accessories. I just recently knew about this when I inquired in one of their stores here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they had to stop this free service during the Christmas season because of the huge number of clients going in and out of their stores. After not being able to wear my Pandora bracelet for months, it tarnished. I needed to clean it badly so the SA in Pandora taught me how. Apparently, the more you keep your Pandora bracelet, the more it will tarnish. Well, don’t worry! Your money wasn’t put to a waste. The good news is you can clean it and make it look new again. Here are steps on how to clean your Pandora bracelet.


1. You’ll need the following: dishwashing liquid, small bowl with water, polishing cloth (similar to the cleaning cloth of eyewear or you can ask any Pandora store for one), and eraser.


2. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the small bowl with water.


3. Put the bracelet in the bowl and let it stay for 15 minutes.

4. Dry and polish the bracelet with the cleaning cloth.

5. If you can still see any dirt or stains, use the eraser to remove them.

As a reminder, do not use any silver polishing product to clean your Pandora bracelet.

So there, if you do not have time to drop by the store for cleaning, you can have a brand new looking Pandora bracelet in just 5 steps! 😀


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