New Year Ready Nails with Girlstuff Holiday and Confetti Collections

My nails are ready for New Year! I was recently introduced to Girlstuff nail polish. I’ve been seeing their nail bars in malls but I never got the chance to look at them thinking it is only for kids. Darn! I didn’t know I was missing a lot! Anyway, better late than never! Haha! Do you know that Girlstuff Nail Polish is…

NOTD: Blue or Purple?

When I visited St. Nails Spa last week, I couldn’t decide between the blue or the purple nail polish. Thank goodness there’s such thing as color changing polish! 😀 I’ve featured Ruby Wing in my Color Changing Nail Polish post. You could just imagine how my eyes sparkled when I saw Ruby Wing in pale blue!

Bridal Shower Idea

You’re dearest friend is getting married. The most common dilemma of her closest friends would be “what could be an unforgettable bridal shower?” If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen some photos from a bridal shower that my friends and I prepared for our dearest friend. I thought of sharing this since a lot of people have been…

St. Nails Halo-ed Summer Photo Contest

And since we’re already talking about nails in my previous post, let me share with you a summer photo contest by St. Nails Nail Spa. Get a chance to enjoy ultimate pampering session for free! 😀 Prizes at stake are Hand & Foot Paraffin with Mani & Pedi, Hand and Foot Spa, and Classic Mani & Pedi. Simply avail of any St….

St. Nails Spa

Whenever I want some “me” time or bonding session with my girl friends, a nail salon would be my go-to place. It’s my relaxation sanctuary, which is why ambiance is very important to me. Recently, I discovered this relatively new nail salon in Makati City.

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