You’re dearest friend is getting married. The most common dilemma of her closest friends would be “what could be an unforgettable bridal shower?” If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen some photos from a bridal shower that my friends and I prepared for our dearest friend. I thought of sharing this since a lot of people have been asking me what could be a clean and fun bridal shower that can be enjoyed by both family and friends.

Why not start the day with a nail spa party? Besides, the bride-to-be surely needs some pamper time with all the stress from the wedding preparations. If you’re wondering why we didn’t opt for a real spa party that includes a relaxing massage, we thought we couldn’t really have a bonding session during a massage. It’s not always that we get to gather all the girls. There’s a lot of catching up to do. You know how girls are! LOL! 😀 Plus, we thought of going for a night out after, so we wouldn’t want to be sleepy from the massage. Haha! 😀 Thankfully, I didn’t had a hard time looking for a perfect venue for our nail spa party.


St. Nails offers Halo-ed Party Packages. There are a lot to choose from. You can even have the party at the nail salon, exclusively for you and your friends, or you can also do it at home or in a different venue. I chose to do it at St. Nails to make it easier for all of us. I already love the vibe and interiors of the salon, so we don’t really need to set-up. But of course, I was also told that we can freely decorate the salon if we want to or hold program or games there. Perfect! 😀



*Prices may change without prior notice

We chose the “Spa All You Can”, which has minimum consumable amount and salon exclusivity for 3 hours. Since we were just 6 pax, we fall under the Intimate Package with the consumable amount of PHP 4,800. Summing up all our services, we didn’t even consume the entire amount. Well, it’s also because some preferred to just have a foot spa or a classic manicure.

TIP: If you’re getting the “Spa All You Can” package, try to plan ahead of time with your girlfriends on which services each one will be getting. This is so you can make the most out of the consumable amount. In our case, we couldn’t really plan as some of our friends weren’t sure if they could go or not.


If you guys don’t want the hassle of computing, they have other packages as well, like Uniquely You and Bundle Me Up. Uniquely You also has a consumable amount, but it’s per head. If you find it difficult to decide what services to choose, Bundle Me Up is for you.


*Prices may change without prior notice

It was actually my first time to attend a spa party. To be honest, I thought it wouldn’t like it. I’m used to going to spas for my “me time”. Sometimes I go with my mom and sister or a friend, but never with a group of friends. It was surprisingly fun. The non-stop chatting while having our nails done was relaxing. We even had a very quick program since the place was reserved all to ourselves for 3 hours (exclusivity is included in the package). It’s a great idea for occasions like bridal shower, birthday party, kiddie party, or simply anything you want to celebrate with your girlfriends.

It’s time for our pinata!


TIP: So as not to have problems with the time allotted for exclusivity, make sure to inform the supervisor on the time you started.

I’d like to thank St. Nails for a wonderful experience and for taking good care of me and my friends. Everyone surely enjoyed! 😀



Now, after your nail spa party, go for a posh dinner or something you don’t usually do with your girl friends. In our case, rarely do we really go out without our special someones, so dining and bar hopping with the girls made this day extra unforgettable. 😀

For more information or to inquire about St. Nails Halo-ed Party Packages, you can contact (02) 586 0985 and (0917) 8662457.

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