I guess it’s safe to safe that most of us, if not all, have imperfect skin. Here’s a new product from Happy Skin to take care of those imperfections and blur them as if you have have a “beauty filter” on. Does it work? Read on my Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Review.


Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Product Information

Beauty in an instant! No filter needed. The Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream is a soft focus primer foundation that refines large pores and fills in lines & wrinkles giving you an amazingly smooth base for make-up to glide over. With this all-in formula, you get a light tinted veil that corrects, brightens, and blurs away skin imperfections. Used alone or under makeup, this multi-tasker not only preps the skin but also boasts anti-aging properties. It vanishes imperfections instantly before your eyes and helps turn back time, too!

I love Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream because…

  • it really blurs imperfections – refines large pores and fills in lines and wrinkles.
  • it mattifies skin without making the skin look dry.
  • it can control oil and shine. Having oily skin, I was really surprised that my face stayed matte after three hours. I usually oil up in just an hour after applying makeup.
  • it can be used alone. It has a light tint that can be used on any skin tone.
  • it doubles as skincare. It has anti-aging ingredients, such as Retinol, Peptides, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
  • the silicone in it leave skin velvety smooth, which helps glide makeup effortlessly.
  • it keeps makeup in place all day.
  • it can be used over makeup to refresh makeup and mattify oily areas. Greasiness will disappear in an instant!

I wish Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream…

  • is a little less expensive. A 30ml tube is priced at PHP 1,299.
  • does not have the tendency to flake or to settle on dry areas and in between pores. (See tips below how to avoid this)
  • it’s not that hard to remove. The good side of this is that this product would stay put all day despite sweat and humidity.

Tips on Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream

  • For those with dry patches or combination skin, it is important to exfoliate and moisturize first to avoid flaking.
  • Apply all over the face after moisturizer and before layering with makeup.
  • You can use it alone to achieve a light tint of foundation.
  • You can also use it over makeup to mattify oily areas. When used for midday touchups, I prefer removing excess oils with the use of blotting paper before applying Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream.
  • Use a good makeup remover to make sure there’s no trace of product left on your skin.

Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Verdict

The first time I tried Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream as a makeup base, I was really surprised that it took hours before I needed to use a blotting paper. I have oily skin and it usually takes less than an hour for my face to look really greasy. I’m amazed how this primer can control oil without looking too matte. I also love that it’s a multi-purpose product. Aside from blurring out imperfections, it also has anti-aging properties. It can be used alone, as a makeup base, and to retouch and refresh your makeup. The downside I noticed aside from its price is that it has the tendency to flake and to settle on dry areas and pores. This is why it is important to exfoliate and moisturize, especially if you have dry patches. But then again, I think the price is reasonable considering it’s a multi-purpose product, which means you can do away with other products and even end up saving a few hundreds.

I recommend Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation to those who have oily or combination skin. I wouldn’t really recommend it to those with dry skin and those that react to silicone.


Once you start spreading the product, it feels very moisturizing but it can magically mattify your skin.


when blended…


left side facing you: bare face; right side facing you: with Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream alone

Notice that there’s no redness on the side of my nose and cheek where I applied Happy Skin Primer Foundation. Also, it blurred out my pores. But since it has very light coverage, concealer is still needed to cover blemishes and dark circles. Remember, this product is not really meant to deliver coverage.


Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream applied all over the face


Now, for the exciting part, I’m giving away one 30ml tube of Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream! I’m giving my mechanics on my next post, so don’t forget to drop by! 😀

Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream is an online exclusive until March 31, 2015 at www.happyskincosmetics.com. It will then be available in all Happy Skin counters starting April 2015.

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