Another new fragrance has joined the well-loved Clean line. It’s Clean’s limited edition summer fragrance, First Blush.


“First Blush was inspired by a summer morning,” says Harry Fremont, perfumer of CLEAN Fragrances. “In creating the fragrance, I wanted to capture that sweet, cool freshness of a new day at the beach. It’s about this feeling of hope and awe that I think many of us feel while looking at something as beautiful as the ocean.”

First Blush captures life’s simple pleasures. It is the feeling of possibility felt during sunrise at the beach. This citrus aromatic Eau de Toilette has a light breeze of Italian Bergamot, White Tea and Sweet Mint. At its heart are the fresh coolness of Jasmine, Neroli and Basil. It dries down with the warmth of the summer sun in Musk and Woods.

The bottle features the cool colors of dawn in a light pink and lavender. The sunlight sparkling off the ocean’s waves is captured in a pearlescent finish and a metallic purple base.

Clean First Blush 60ml is priced at PHP 3,900 and will be officially launched on February 2014.

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