The first time I tried La Mer The Concentrate was when I got a huge jellyfish scar around my ankle a few years back. Believe me, it broke my heart that I had to use La Mer on my ankle but at the back of my mind, it was my only hope. I tried to research on how to remove jellyfish scar and some say it can take several years to fade or mostly, never. This made me decide to try out La Mer The Concentrate since it has the most concentration of the Miracle Broth™.

This photo was taken the day after the sting. The scar was more evident when it turned dark brown.


For those who are not aware, La Mer is known for the Miracle Broth™, which is part of the ingredients in all its products. The Miracle Broth™ was discovered by Dr. Max Huber. He experienced severe chemical burns, which led him to experiment and look for a way for his skin to heal and smoothen. Thus, the birth of the Miracle Broth™.

A blend of sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, iron, Vitamins, C, E and B12, plus oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower go into the broth, but its “miracle” lies in the way these ingredients are combined – a process called biofermentation. This 3-4 month process results in a whole far greater than the sum of its parts, with the power to transform the skin’s appearance.

If you are wondering what happened to the jellyfish scar, it now disappeared. There is no trace of jellyfish sting on my ankle. I applied The Concentrate everyday, morning and night, and I saw a huge difference in just a month. It is really amazing. It really is a miracle broth!


But of course, La Mer The Concentrate can go beyond jellyfish scars. I have been using it on my face for several months now. It took me a while to write this review since I really want to see how it works on my skin considering different scenarios –- when I have an impending breakout, after travelling or changes in weather/temperature, when I have skin irritations, when I get pimple scars, etc. What can La Mer The Concentrate do to your skin? Do you need it? Read on my La Mer The Concentrate Review below.

La Mer The Concentrate Product Information

A savior of skin, the Concentrate complements skin’s natural healing process with the restorative power of the sea. Designed to soothe visible irritation and redness caused by cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments, it is infused with a dose of highly concentrated Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation. Irritation appears soothed and dry, fragile skin made strong for a radiant renewal.


Pros: La Mer The Concentrate

  • It has nice relaxing scent.
  • It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • It is lightweight. It is not oily or greasy.
  • It did not cause my skin to breakout.
  • It lightened my pimple scars.
  • The redness around my nose area disappears when I use it for 2 straight nights.
  • My breakouts heal faster. When I see a zit about to form, I just massage The Concentrate on that spot and it magically disappears overnight.
  • After continuously using this for a week, it can bring back my skin to its normal state when it becomes dry or irritated due to changes in weather or temperature or after travelling.
  • It soothes and hydrates skin.

Cons: La Mer The Concentrate

  • The packaging. It comes in a spatula applicator, which I feel is more prone to introducing contamination into the product compared to a pump bottle. The spatula is also quite short, making it hard to get the product when you are about to finish a bottle.


  • The formulation is heavy on silicone, which can be a con for those who are allergic to this ingredient.
  • It is expensive, but I say, it is effective!

Tips on La Mer The Concentrate

  • Use after cleansing and toning.
  • Thoroughly massage onto affected area at least twice per day. For optimal results, follow with your Crème de la Mer moisturizer.
  • Massage in circular motion onto the skin to absorb quickly.
  • If you feel your face looks dull, apply all over the face. Remember, a little goes a long way. A pea-sized amount is enough for the entire face.

La Mer The Concentrate Verdict

To be honest, the first time I tried the product, I was not sure if I would really want to put it on my face. The silicone texture reminds me of a makeup primer. Therefore when I first applied it on my face, I already anticipated a pimple or two as soon as I wake up the next day. To my surprise, there was none. In fact, I immediately noticed how nice and renewed my skin looked. I could go out witout makeup that day!

I would call La Mer The Concentrate my “skin savior”. It is one product that we would want to have for face emergencies — we all have those moments. When I have an impending breakout, I just massage a very small amount on the area at night and it magically disappears the next day. When my skin becomes dry due to travelling or changes in weather/temperature, I use this for a week and my skin is renewed. When I get irritiations or dry patches, I spot treat them by massaging a small amount of The Concentrate morning and night and they disappear in 2 days or so. The skin around my nose has always been my problem. It is always red and irritated. My solution: massage with The Concentrate! It soothes the skin and calms down the redness.

If you are wondering if it works on pimple scars, I tried it too. I have this new pimple scar on my left cheek.


I massaged the scar with La Mer The Concentrate everyday for two weeks and this is what happened.


It visibly lightened! Note that when I get pimple scars, they several months or even years just to lighten!

Basically, La Mer The Concentrate is like my cure for all my skin dilemmas. Yes, it is costly but it is something you would not need to use everyday. It is like a “face emergency” product when your skin needs something really potent. On all other days, you can reach for Crème de La Mer, which also containst the Miracle Broth. Oh, and I also love using The Brilliance Mask once a week!

La Mer The Concentrate’s texture seems thick, but it is actually lightweight on skin. It has a gel-like feel to it.


When massaged, skin looks and feels smooth and healthy.


La Mer The Concentrate is available in select Rustan’s stores and it is priced at Php 25,400 for 15ml.

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