Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Is this for real?! I totally can’t believe I already have a blog of my own. I am just used to reading other people’s blog but now here I am!!! Wheeee!!!! Most of my gratitude goes to my very good friends Hannah, Cris and Vince. Hannah was very persistent in inviting me to the blogging community. I was so hesitant at first since I am no-IT person. As much as I wanted to start one before, I felt that only a hardcore IT has the capability to make a good blog. But because of unbelievable Hannah, who by the way is not an IT person herself, she walked me through all the nitty-gritty stuff needed to fix my blog. Thank you so much, my dear!!! Of course, how could I ever forget Cris. Unlike me and Hannah, Cris is the computer expert. In fact, she is the one hosting my site!!! 🙂 Oh God, she is sooo patient answering all my questions and helping me edit my theme. Thank you, Cris for your precious time and for making this site up and running. And last but not the least, Vince. He is the one responsible for my really cute header (and yeah he is a “HE”). I am sooo loving it! I owe you guys a lot!!!! With all these special thanks, I feel I just won an award! Hahaha! Okay, I’ll be honest…When I started setting up my page, I could not sleep anymore… Yeah, yeah, that’s how excited I am. *blush-blush*

So okay, moving on… Lush Angel is a lifestyle blog. But anyone wondering why is the name Lush Angel? Well, aside from the fact that it is the idea of my sister, Minette,… (Beware, another greeting!… Thanks Atsi!)… I want to share with everyone the kind of life I love. And what are the things I love? I love traveling… I love dining… I love fashion… I love partying… I love shopping… I love luxury… i love… I love… the good life… Need I say more??? And now, why Angel? Well, it signifies me!! Okay before I get any violent reaction, I am not a living saint… It’s just that my name is Angela 🙂


Whew! This is my first post but I am already starting to babble and babble. I just have so many things to say. Hahaha! Therefore, expect interesting posts to come!!! So c’mon indulge with me and LIVE LUSH-CIOUSLY!


Living Lush-ciously,

Lush Angel