Of course, earning money also plays a big role in supporting a lush-cious lifestyle. And for a number of people, the bazaar season does not only mean spending, but an opportunity to earn moolah. In fact, I love joining bazaars, as well. More than the earnings, I get to meet a lot of people. Try observing the stalls in bazaars. Most of them are manned by the owners themselves. This is probably because despite the tiredness, the enjoyment bazaars give make them want to stay in their stalls all day. If you are also interested to be a concessionaire, here are a few tips I would like to share.


  • Obviously, you should have items to sell, BUT your goods should be extra-ordinary. Most bazaar shoppers look for Christmas gifts. The more unique and cheaper the price of your goods are, the greater the chance of getting bulk orders. Well, of course this also depends on who your target market is. But uniqueness is always the key to make your product a hit!   

TIP: Please, please, please do not imitate goods or items of others. Remember that reinventing is acceptable and when I say reinvent, I do not simply mean small design modifications. True, we get ideas from other products but never ever forget to modify. It is just a matter of RESPECT. This is why, similar to other big companies out there, conceptualization is always the hardest part.


  • Next, choose reputable bazaars or organizers to ensure high traffic. Clearly, the more number of shoppers, the greater the chance of getting more customers.


  • Obtain application forms as early as possible. Popular bazaars usually run out of spaces right away. Most organizers accept application forms through e-mail or fax and payments through bank deposits.


  • Most bazaars only include a table and 2 chairs so be ready with everything you need such as mesh wires, hangers, or other tools to display your products.


  • And of course on the day of the event, be there 2 hours before the opening of the bazaar. This is to allow ample time for the preparation of your stall.


Seems simple? So go ahead and try joining bazaars too! Good luck to us! 🙂