My curiosity about the stock market began even before my teens. Hearing my parents and relatives talk about it every single day led me to ask my mom to teach me. I then followed the market through the newspaper and eventually, I asked her to buy me some through a stockbroker. So yeah, I started pretty young. I lost some. I gained some.

But why do I still invest in stocks instead of just placing my money in the bank that is 99.9% secure? Simple: You can earn more. The higher the risk, the higher the return. BUT of course, never ever put all your eggs in one basket. Diversity is still the key when investing. My tip when trading stocks, always have a limit or allot a percentage of your savings that you are willing to lose, just in case the prices go down.

First of all, what does investing in the stock market mean?

Investing in stocks simply means you’re buying shares of ownership in companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Once a part-owner, you are entitled to:

  • Vote in shareholder meetings
  • Receive a portion of the company’s earnings, called Dividends
  • Sell your shares to somebody else at a higher price, called Capital Gains

Investing in Stocks Then and Now

Investing in stocks used to be quite inconvenient and inefficient. We had to call a stockbroker to buy and sell stocks.

Now, buying and selling stocks is literally at your fingertips. You can trade on your own through online platforms or apps.

Anybody can be a stock trader with 2TradeAsia

Let’s face it, investing in stocks can be intimidating–and this kind of mindset is what 2TradeAsia wants to change. It’s not just for those who are willing to invest a huge amount of money. It’s not just for those who have a finance background. It’s not just for the smart. It’s not just for those who are willing to be glued to charts for price changes. It’s for EVERYBODY.

With 2TradeAsia’s website ( or app, you can easily trade, monitor the market and your portfolio anytime, anywhere— during your coffee break, while shopping, or even while traveling.

What I love about their platform is it is very user-friendly and pretty straightforward. For example, you just type in the stock you want to buy, the quantity, and the price.

You can even place an order outside the stock market trading hours through their queing system.

And if you have a target buying/selling price, you don’t have to be glued online to check the market. You can get notifications by setting price alerts while you go about your day.

The general rule of thumb is to buy low, sell high, BUT be cautious too and don’t try to catch a falling knife. So yes, you also need to research on the companies you want to invest on and be updated with what’s going on in the market, which you can easily see in 2TradeAsia’s app. Don’t worry, they keep their research reports short, simple and digestible for everybody to understand. You can even just search for a specific company in the app to easily get an overview of the movements of its price.

And if you do not have any idea what I’ve been talking about or you want to learn about the basics of stock investing, finding your strategy or how to start trading, 2TradeAsia gives seminars for FREE. Just send 2TradeAsia a message on Facebook Messenger for the schedule or if you just have any questions about trading or their platform. They have a very friendly team ready to assist you!

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