I used to wonder why most people in the gym put their headphones on while working out. Well, that was the time when I had strong hate towards any physical activity, therefore I did not understand the “need”. Fast forward to my first few days in the gym and obviously, I did not bring my earphones. I then noticed that whenever I liked the music being played in the gym, I find myself more energized – lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and pushing myself to the limit. This made me realized the importance of my choice of music to help me in getting into “the zone”.


My problem with my earphones is that I somehow find the wires a hassle. I always have to keep the wires in the right place whenever I move and change workouts. Recently, I was introduced to the newest line of Motorola – VerveLife, which can possibly change my life because of the flexibility and freedom the products can give.


Motorola VerveLife is a revolutionary collection of wireless video and audio products that allows consumers full freedom to enjoy life and stay connected, even in the wettest, toughest frontiers around the world. It also works well even for urban adventurers, looking for the next gym opening  or a big park to run in.

The collection includes a wide range of products, including: HD wireless headphones – the Motorola VerveOnes/VerveOnes+ and a QHD live-streaming lifestyle camera, Motorola VerveCam+.

Motorola Verve Loop+


Motorola Verve Rider (PHP 2,950)


Motorola Verve Rider+ (PHP 3,950)


Motorola Pulse M Series


To give us the best experience, Motorola VerveLife is accompanied with Hubble Connect, which optimizes the perfect sound, reviews and streams video. Best of all, it can locate the last connected location in case the product is lost!!! Now, that’s amazing! I definitely need that since I always misplace my earphones! LOL!

Motorola Verve Ones (PHP 9,950)


Now time to get moving! Thanks to the power of VerveLife!

Motorola VerveLife Products are available in all Digital Walker stores, Astroplus/Astrovision, Mobile 1, The InboxStore, Listening Room, Gadgets in Style, Games and Gadgets.

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