Who hasn’t tried online shopping in this day and age?! Aside from the convenience of my loot being delivered straight to my doorstep, some companies offer better deals online. Also, not all of my favorite fashion and makeup brands are readily available here in the Philippines. These are the reasons why I love online shopping! But I still know a lot of people who are not so comfortable shopping online. Well, I still have fears too, especially with all the identity theft stories! So, the next question is- is there a secure way to shop online?


Recently, I was introduced to MasterCard Virtual Card. I know it’s not something new. I’ve been hearing about virtual cards for quite some time now but I never really thought of getting one. I had that assumption that it’s still a credit card that can be used by identity thieves, so why bother anyway? Apparently, MasterCard Virtual Card is a MasterCard account number that is issued to a MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid cardholder solely for use on the internet. It is just like a regular credit card that has a card number and card verification code, which are also different from your actual credit card. The virtual card cannot be used for face-to-face transactions or at in-store payment terminals. The MasterCard Virtual Card is designed to protect your primary credit or bank account details from identity thieves by not having to expose these information while making payments online. This is exactly what I need to completely remove my online shopping fears! Now, I won’t have to be nervous every time I click on the purchase button. 😀


And since it’s a separate account number, you can limit the credit line and amount of purchase to manage your online shopping. I know how tempting it is to click the purchase button every time you see a limited edition lipstick shade or a hard-to-find dress available online. I also feel the panic whenever brands go on end-of-season sale online. But since you set your own credit limit for your virtual card, you won’t go over budget!

If you want a secure payment online, you can easily apply for MasterCard Virtual Card online. Just visit the official website of your existing MasterCard-issuing bank and complete the application form online. Philippine banks that issue the MasterCard Virtual Card include BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Metrobank, RCBC Bankard and Security Bank.