Nope, I wasn’t with my family this time. I had dinner with my friends at… where else but in Greenbelt! Hahaha! I know I have said this so many times but I just have to reiterate this… Greenbelt 5 is really like heaven to me! LOL! Okay, the truth is I enjoyed sooo much strolling around since I was hunting for my next bag. I know, I know I just got my Chanel PST (which I will be sharing soon) but again an addict like me doesn’t know how to stop! Argh! BUT I promised myself to control for the rest of the year… and the next purchase? Probably next year??? LOL! But guess what?! Another confession before I get to the real topic… when I went inside Gucci, I almost brought home a new bag! But since my mom gave me two of her Gucci bags already, buying another Gucci wouldn’t be on the top of my list. But, but, but… who could ever resist a 45% discount?! Yah, Gucci in Greenbelt 4 is on sale but only on selected items. Oh gosh, if only the bag I tried on isn’t too small, I am actually ready to splurge again! Well on second thought, I think I should be thankful! Hahaha!

But anyways, after being quite disappointed, off we went to Greenbelt 5. Well, I had a side trip… at Balenciaga since it was there in Greenbelt 5 too. LOL! But afterwards, we continued to visit the new shops that opened recently. Well, I tell you… there are more exciting and posh stores to come!!! Some of the stores to open soon are the following: Warehouse, Steve Madden, Mango, Trucco, Rolex, Philippe Patek, Officini Panerai, and Jaeger-le Coultre. Whew! I really can’t wait for the entire mall to open!