OMG! Time really flies…TOMORROW is the day we have been waiting for! It’s CHRISTMAS!!! Wheee!!! This has always been my favorite season of the year. Aside from the cool weather here in the Philippines, I just love the festive surroundings! Even with the evident economic crisis experienced in most countries, Filipinos never fail to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And of course, it is the season of giving which is why streets everywhere are like huge parking lots! Cars are stuck on the streets.  Traffic is just everywhere! And admittedly, I am one of those who cause traffic. I love to go to malls and bazaars to shop for Christmas gifts. As time passes by, my friends keep on growing in number, which means my Christmas list also becomes longer and longer every year. In fact, I just came to realize last weekend how much I have spent for the past weeks. Oh, headache! When I saw my mom’s Christmas list last week, I started to hope that mine won’t grow that long in the future. LOL! 🙂 She gives to more than a thousand individuals… no exaggeration! She can actually run for public office. LOL! 🙂

But anyways, I’m one of the lucky people who received an early Christmas gift from my mom. 🙂 Actually, it is not a Christmas gift as she is not allowed to give gifts this year since my grandmother died (a Chinese custom that we have to follow). So let’s just say we went to the mall last Friday and when I saw it and tried on it, she bought it for me. And since I have it with me already, it is not really a Christmas gift. Hehehe! 🙂 

philip stein watch philip stein watch

So, there it is… my big Philip Stein watch. Okay, probably some people are wondering why I chose a brown strap. Well, I have a number of black, white, silver and gold watches already. I just came to realize that I actually do not have a brown strapped watch, which I need to match all my brown bags. LOL! 🙂 BUT I have yet to buy a green strap since Philip Stein’s shade of green is just sooo gorgeous! 🙂 Oh, and why did I choose the bigger face? For those who know me well, that isn’t a question anymore. I always wear men’s watch. I’m not used to wearing watches with small face, except for formal occassions.  

I know Philip Stein is not an automatic watch, a concern of a lot of people. But why choose and spend for it? Well, read on their claim below. Sorry, I just took pictures of their brochure. Hehehe!

philip stein brochure philip stein brochure

philip stein brochure philip stein brochure

So, looks like I’ll be wearing something while I sleep… 🙂