I bought my Samsung U700 last year and I had it only for 11 months to be exact. I fell in love with it because of its color. U700 was the only phone I knew that time that’s purple. Aside from that, it’s very slim. Yah, I didn’t care about its features. I loved the color and style. That’s all that mattered! LOL! It was my extra phone anyway, which is why I wasn’t looking for a full featured phone at that time.

Well, I didn’t have plans of buying a new phone anytime soon since I’m not fond of cellular phones anymore. I’m so contented with my U700! Because of too much choices and new models coming out almost every month, I lost appetite in getting the latest models every now and then. Whew! I lost interest at last! Something I have to be proud of since I used to have a cellular phone itch whenever a new phone model is out in the market. BUT two weeks ago I didn’t have any choice because of what happened to my 11 month old Samsung U700! Do you think I can use this phone?! Click on the pictures below.

samsung u700 LCD malfunction samsung u700 LCD malfunction

Looks like I’ll need a mirror to read my text messages, huh? Even the colors aren’t right! Actually, this only happened to me once. The main problem I have been encountering is that the LCD suddenly turns black. I have to turn it off and on again to fix it but as the day passes, the problem with the LCD is becoming more frequent. Argh! I think my title says it all. I’m really disappointed with my purple Samsung U700. I just wanna share this to those who have this model or those who are thinking of buying this phone. Well, extra care is indeed needed. I think this is the downside of having a slide phone.

P.S. Thanks to Flair Candy for the pictures. 🙂