Waaah! Back to reality once again.  I arrived just today and guess where I am?  In the office!  It’s past 8:00pm and I’m so damn sleepy!!! I can’t seem to recover from all the shopping we did. It was terrible! I’m extremely tired that at the airport I literally had to drag my feet already. To be honest, I think I haven’t shop this much in my entire life (in terms of quantity, of course)! Our itinerary for the entire trip was 6:00am wake-up call and 8:00am shopping until closing time! It was really a shopping spree of clothes and shoes for me and my girlfriends. Now, I think I would have problems fitting all these new stuffs in my cabinets. I seriously have to do a garage sale, which I have never done by the way, because I really have a hard time letting go of my stuffs. Something I really have to learn in the future. Or better yet…NOW! Hehehe! 🙂 But you know, there are still some regrets at the back of my mind- Why didn’t I buy this and that? Yah, I’m crazy. On second thought, good thing I didn’t shop for more. Why? All of us were overweight (in terms of baggage, that is hehehe)! 🙂 Darn! I promise to post some pictures soon. I really wanna share how much bags we brought home. Hahaha! Now, I’m banned from clothes and shoes shopping for a quarter. In fact, the clothes I got is like a year’s supply already. 🙂

Well, other than shopping we also toured a little. Hehehe! Hmmm… How little? Probably, less than half of a day. Hehehe! Since most of us have been to Bangkok, our sole purpose is really shopping. For the first timers in our group though, less than half day tour is actually enough for them. Hehehe! Well, that’s what they said. In fact, in about 2 hours, they just wanna go straight to the mall. Since I last went there, not much have changed. It is still like Manila. The structures or buildings are so Manila. And since Thais look like Filipinos too, we seem to be very at home. We’re actually not like tourists there in Bangkok. Hehehe! 🙂 We took a little pictures of the temples we visited, which I think is the only attraction not found here in Manila. After visiting two temples though, my friends did not want to visit the other popular temples in the city. They feel all of them just looks the same. Hahaha! It’s true though. All temples look the same. There are just different Buddhas venerated in each temple. There is the standing Buddha, the sleeping Buddha, etc.

After a little more sightseeing, we headed off to the mall, which is our sole purpose for the trip.  Oh, and did I say that it’s also the great big sale of Thailand?! We didn’t know about that until we set foot at their airport. What a timing! Now, I don’t know what I’m gonna do in Hong Kong this August. 🙁 I do not want to shop anymore! No matter how much I love shopping, I seriously have to control on August. Hehehe! Why? Well, aside from the amount of stuff I bought, another Bangkok trip is being planned… Waaaah! Money no more!!! 🙁 So much for my “savings”… Huhuhu! LOL! 🙂