First post for 2017, I thought of sharing one of the first things I did last 2016. Same day last year, January 2, 2016, my friends and I decided to go on a hike. It was my second climb (first was in Nepal).


We tried out Mt. Pamitinan, a popular trail in Montalban, Rizal, since it was relatively near – less than 2 hours from Quezon City. Plus, we were hoping to catch the sea of clouds! The hike is only half-day – if you start by around 7am, you’ll be back by around 12nn. If you have more energy, there’s also a trail going to the neighboring mountain, Mt. Binacayan, making it a full-day trek!

Mt. Pamitinan has some bouldering parts, making it a bit challenging especially for beginners. I honestly felt I was rock climbing! Oh, and careful with the sharp rock edges!!! You’ll definitely need hand gloves, footwear with thick soles, durable bags, and for the ladies, it’s recommended to use hiking pants since ordinary leggings can easily tear.










There are 2 summits in Mt. Pamitinan. Unfortunately, when we reached the first summit, we didn’t get to see the sea of clothes anymore. LOL! Well, theres really no guarantee of seeing the “sea of clouds” here in Mt. Pamitinan. It depends on the weather and our guide said, we should have started early to reach the summit by sunrise. LOL!

The sad part when you go hiking on a holiday? There’s a line when you want to take photos at the summit!!! LOL!


Mt. Pamitinan is known for its limestone formations. The view from the peak is the amazing Sierra Madre mountain range and Rizal province.


the challenge going to the second summit



Overall, it was definitely a great way to start the year – probably the reason why 2016 wasn’t so bad after all! There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I remember and cherish the good memories and learn from my mistakes – hoping I won’t repeat them in the year to come. Whew! Wishing to climb more mountains and go on more adventures this 2017! How’s your first 2 days of 2017 so far???



Jacket: Columbia
Shoes: Salomon

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