“Epic”. This is probably how I would describe my 2016 travels. I had the chance to go back to some of my favorite travel destinations – Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Best of all, I was able to tick off two countries in my bucket list – Australia and New Zealand. I try my best to visit at least one place I’ve never been every year. Why? Well, you know #ThatFirstFeeling when you set foot in a country for the first time? It’s (always) EPIC and I can’t get enough of #ThatFirstFeeling!


And to make #ThatFirstFeeling even more epic, before 2016 ended, I got a World Traveller luggage for my Japan and New Zealand trips. Here’s one trivia about me (and my family)… We have a thing for luggages. I don’t know why, but we (almost) always end up getting at least one new luggage every trip. And ever since I was a kid, we usually get from only 2 brands – Samsonite or Delsey. Both are known for their quality and we can attest to their durability. They’re not exactly cheap though.

I’ve been hearing about World Traveller for several years now. In fact, I’ve seen some of their luggages in department stores and travel boutiques. Design-wise, they are eye-catching! You could even compare it to high-end brands – they’re very similar! Price-wise, I was surprised because of its affordability! What made me hold back? Of course, the quality. Let’s face it. There’s always that question about durability when it comes to low-priced luggages. So I put to the test one of World Traveller’s hard case luggages during my last two travels. I brought with me the Large Gloucester luggage to Japan and New Zealand.


Aside from the design, one of the first things I check is the weight of the luggage. Airlines have weight limit when it comes to baggages and for someone who almost always has overweight luggage whenever I go back home, every pound counts! The World Traveller Gloucester hard case luggage is made of 100% Bayer Polycarbonate material and is very light weight – 4.8kg!

It has 4 wheels, making it a lot easier to roll the luggage especially when I have to tote around my handbag and hand carry. Seriously, I couldn’t be any happier when the 4-wheel luggage started!!! Haha! Oh, and surprisingly, it’s very easy to roll – even when packed with so much things inside and placed with a heavy backpack on top. Some 4-wheel luggages are not so easy to roll around.

World Traveller Gloucester (large) and Outdoor Products backpack


When I went to Japan, my sister and I decided to share 1 luggage. For a 6-day trip, we were able to fit all our stuff in one large suitcase. Take note, we even brought bulky, winter clothes with us! And to make sure our things won’t mix up, we used different sides of the luggage. What I like about this Gloucester luggage is that we can use 2 sides of the luggage with a zip divider in between. For the other side without the zip divider, there are straps to keep the clothes intact.



Oh, and for my New Zealand trip, I was able to fit all my things for a 10-day trip! The large Gloucester is so spacious that I was able to place all my clothes on one side of the luggage. I just placed my footwear and toiletries on the other side.

After two trips, which included a long-haul flight, change of aircrafts, and several domestic flights, my Gloucester luggage is still in one piece – with several hairline scratches. It’s inevitable since the hard case has a smooth surface, which is my main concern, to be honest. I would prefer a textured design for scratches to be less noticeable. Surprisingly though, there are no huge damages or scratches. I don’t know how it happened but the scratches, even on the smooth surface, are not so visible! Amazing!

Now, for those who tend to over-pack , those who are planning to go on a long-haul flight or long trip, and those who love to shop (like me), I strongly recommend getting World Traveller Large Gloucester Luggage! It’s so spacious (22″ w x 13″ d x 31″ h) and it’s also the type that you can sit on to squeeze in and fit all your stuff (although I don’t recommend!!! LOL!) But I’m sure you get what I mean! Best of all, would you believe it’s just PHP 7,990?!?!



Of course, if you don’t need a huge one, it also comes in Small (PHP 6,290) and Medium (PHP 7,290).

World Traveller is founded in Singapore and is distributed by Primer Group of Companies here in the Philippines. World Traveller is available in Flight 001, The Travel Club, SM Store, and World Traveller boutiques.

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