miss marc ballet flats marc jacobs ballet flats

*Photos from shopbop

Last night, while I was inside the elevator on my way up to my pad, I saw this lady beside me wearing this Miss Marc ballet flats! ZOMG! The moment I saw it, I just wanna ask her where she bought it! Hehehe! 🙂 Well, obviously, I was too shy to do so. The last time I went to the Marc Jacobs store in Greenbelt, I only saw the Little Miss Marc Tote, which I was supposed to buy. I was with my Singaporean trainers/ friends at that time. For a week, my officemate and I were trying to tour our trainers around Manila after office. Hehehe! One of them stopped me from buying that cutesy tote because she found it expensive here in Manila. She offered to buy it in Singapore instead. Ooooh… she is so nice. 🙂

Anyways, going back to the Miss Marc ballet flats… I was searching it over the internet until I finally found it in shopbop. It’s selling for $195. Awww, it’s soooo cute!!! Hehehe! Oh and guess what?! It’s available in Hong Kong! I saw it in chuvaness site. Weee! Now, I have to think it over… Should I get it or not??? Hehehe! Because honestly, I just find Miss Marc so cute. She is adorable! Hahaha! 🙂 I’m not even sure if I would wear it all the time. Hehehe! I think the better question is- Is there available moolah to spare after hoarding clothes in Bangkok?! LOL! 🙂