Pink is hot. Pink is girly. Pink is flirty. Pink is sexy. So why not color your pouty lips pink? 😉

Pink has been a popular lip color for months now and I still find it really hawt! 😀 It may be an ’80’s-inspired makeup, but I find the color so refreshing and youthful. It’s so girly. It’s so fun. It’s so flirty. It can also be a nice alternative for your red hot lipstick. It perfectly matches a nude or natural-look makeup. But please, don’t be too matchy-matchy!!! Avoid pink lipstick if you’re already wearing pink from head-to-toe. Remember, it works like your reliable sexy red lipstick. It serves as a great accessory when you’re going for the minimalist look, like when wearing your little black dress. 😉

So what’s the hottest brand in the market carrying this lush-cious pink lipstick?

Who else, but M.A.C.! 😀 They have two popular pink shades, namely Lady Gaga and Pink Nouveau. I tell you, these two are selling like pancakes! These are always out of stock in M.A.C. stores here in Manila. I’m just so lucky that I was able to get one recently! Yay! Finally! 😀

mac_lipstick mac_satin_lipstick

After months of searching, I finally found my Pink Nouveau satin lipstick! 😀


I got it in Duty Free Fiesta Mall for $17. And what’s even better is that their Peso Power is back, so $1 is only PHP 40! Weeee! 😀

Too bad they don’t have Lady Gaga. Well, I’m already satisfied with my Pink Nouveau. The color is just so lush-cious! 😀 It perfectly blends well when I wear my ever reliable nude makeup. 😀


So, what’s your take on having pinky pouty lips? 😉