Two Sunday’s ago, my family and I ate at this newly opened restaurant at where else, but in Eastwood Mall Veranda. Actually, I think it is not really “new” as it opened last month right after we left for vacation. Anyway, I’m talking about Buenisimo by Café Ysabel. Yes, the Café Ysabel that we all used to love. It is one of my family’s fave resto since I was a kid. I remember we usually eat at their antique style San Juan branch almost every Sunday for lunch. And when my mom saw Buenisimo, she immediately said that we would be eating dinner there.

The moment we got inside the restaurant, there was a big group already seated waiting for their orders. When I glanced at them, everyone looked so familiar. It was the Cojuanco’s. Hehehe! 🙂 Okay, just a side showbiz chizmax, we all know that China Cojuanco is now a chef. Well, for those who doesn’t know, now you know. Hehehe! Her current boyfriend is Chef Gino Gonzales, the son of the famous Gene Gonzales. They own Café Ysabel, which is probably why the Cojuanco’s were there. Hehehe! But really, even if this prominent family did not have any connections with the owners, I’m quite sure they would still be eating at Buenisimo. It is a restaurant that will surely be visited by either common or famous people. Why? The food is just sooo delicious!!! I suddenly missed my childhood days! When I was a kid, I only ordered their pasta, pasta, and only pasta! Hehehe! Well, at least this time, we tried something else, but of course, their pasta will always be part of our meal. 🙂 Take a look at what we ordered below. Pardon the pictures as I only used my camera phone. I forgot to bring my cameras! Errrr!


Puttanesca alla Buenisimo
This is not the ordinary Puttanesca pasta we are all used to. It has longganisa lucban, gourmet tuyo, green mango, green and black olives, basil and parmesan cheese. If you love herbs, I’d recommend this very tasty pasta.


Pasta Ysabel
Now if you love shrimps, fish fillet, mussels, clams, mushrooms, and white sauce, then you’ve got to taste this! If I remember it right, this tastes like the pasta I used to order when I was a kid.


Chicken Frita
This is the old-fashioned crispy fried chicken we all know. It comes with potato wedges. And what’s even better is it’s perfect for sharing, which is around 3 to 4 pax.


Double Pepperoni Pizza
My family loves pepperoni pizza! Well, the Double Pepperoni Pizza of Buenisimo definitely passed our tastes. It has double cheese and of course, double pepperoni.

Everything we ordered is really delicious. Well, it is only the Chicken Frita that tasted somehow ordinary, but we did not mind. Take note, the serving is good for sharing. So with its affordable price, who would complain? 🙂 Servings for pastas are good for 1 person. We initially thought it was good for 2 because of the huge plate, but sharing it might not makecomplimentary_appetizer_buenisimo you full. Oh, before I forget, their complimentary bread is super, super yummy! I’m not fond of eating bread, but this one is just different! It’s really soft and tasty. The sauce where you dip the bread is sweet which goes very well with the bread. Well, probably my only complain is the service. It took a while before our food was served, but honestly, we did not mind at all! Again, it is because of the delicious bread we were eating while we were waiting for our orders. Plus, at least, I know that our foods were freshly cooked so no worries at all! 🙂 I’m still giving Buenisimo a 5 out of 5! Oh, my heart still belongs to Café Ysabel… Hehehe! 🙂