Gossip Girl here. 🙂

Have you heard the news that’s been going around for a month now? Hilary Duff is actually going to be part of the Upper East Siders. She will be joining my fave series, Gossip Girl.

Hilary Duff will play as Olivia Burke, a famous movie star in search of a normal college life. She will be schoolmates with Blair (Leighton Meester), Vanessa (Jessica Szohr), and Dan (Penn Badgley) at New York University. To add to the twist, Olivia and Vanessa will end up roommates. Hmmm… Now I’m curious… Will they be good friends? Will Blair envy Vanessa? According to E!, Olivia will also be the new love interest of lonely boy, Dan. Ooooh, so many things could happen! 🙂

The first Gossip Girl episode of Hilary Duff is said to air on October 5.

Honestly, I am not really a Hilary Duff fan but I have to see if she blends well with the gorgeous Upper East Siders. 🙂

Lush Angel 🙂

P.S. Take a look at the E! News video below on Hilary Duff joining Gossip Girl.