I was out during the weekend. I knew it rained heavily back home, but I never thought it was that tragic. 🙁

I just opened the news and I was surprised to see what happened to the streets of Manila. I lived there all my life and I never saw water on the streets that high just about anywhere. My Atsi sent me a message last Saturday saying it was flooded everywhere. We thought it was just the normal flooding in some areas. We didn’t know it was that bad. Very surprising. Very tragic. 🙁

It is during these times when we realize that money isn’t everything. The poor were not the only ones affected by this tragedy. Even the wealthy who live in villages experienced to be stuck in their second floors, or even on top of their roof. Something like this had to happen just to show that we can actually care for each other. It’s a sad realization, but it’s true.

I hope and pray that my family, friends, and everyone reading this are okay.

To my family and friends, please keep me updated.

To everyone, if you wish to extend help to those have been affected by typhoon Ondoy, send your donations to my dear friend, MFJ. She will be consolidating donations from all the kind-hearted people all over the world. She will be updating everyone on where the money will be going to. Thank you in advance.