Wanting to go on a Europe tour but don’t know where to start? If you are looking where to get the best Europe tours, you came to the right site! Below are some suggestions where you can get the best tours to make your Euro trip memorable.

First, check out travel agencies that are popular in organizing Euro tours. You can try Trafalgar, which has cost saver and premier tours. Another well-known agency you can check out is Cosmos for “cheaper” rates or Globus for the premier clients. All these travel agencies offer various itineraries around Europe. They have special tours for different countries like Spain, London, Italy, etc. On the other hand, they also have itineraries that cover a group of European countries that are close to each other. For example, if you choose to tour around Western Europe, their itineraries usually include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, etc. Take note that travel agencies offer a number of itineraries that you can choose from even for just one selected area. They vary on the dates of departure, number of days, price, countries to visit, and inclusions (breakfast, lunch, dinner, entrance fees). You might wonder why do these agencies have cost savers and premier tours? Well, more or less, it’s the inclusions of the packages that make a difference in their prices. Cost saver tours do not include most, if not all, entrance fees. They are collected separately during the tour itself. In effect, you get to have a choice if you want to join or not. Meals are not complete as well so expect to spend on food. As for premier tours, most of the time, all charges are already included, which is why it is pricier. Therefore, also consider all the exclusions and inclusions of the package that you are going to get. The bottom line, calculate wisely. What seems to be cheap might even end up being more expensive. There are also other agencies known internationally, aside from Trafalgar, Cosmos and Globus. Try to canvass to get the best deal.

Aside from these agencies, you can also try to look for other Europe tours that are already arranged in your local countries. Here in the Philippines, there are two known agencies that arrange these all- Filipino tour groups going around Europe, namely Profil Holidays and Tours R’ Us. You can check on their available tour packages through your respective agencies as they discourage dealing directly with clients. If you are more comfortable to join a group with mostly Filipinos, rather than a mixed group with different nationalities, then this is the way to go. Just like in Trafalgar/ Cosmos/ Globus, these two agencies offer various itineraries all around Europe, with different prices, dates of departure, and inclusions. Although, as expected, choices of itineraries are minimal as compared to those international agencies mentioned above; but if the date of departure fits in to your schedule, why not try these locally organized European tours?

Keep in mind that planning ahead is a must (don’t be like me…hehehe)! Look around for possible Europe tours 3 to 4 months before your planned trip. Also, remember that for those who are required to get a visa, allow a month for its processing. Most European countries use the Schengen visa, but of course there are exceptions, like London, Russia, Switzerland, etc. So if you plan to go to other places, aside from the Schengen countries, make sure to give ample time to process all visas needed. You can ask the help of your trusted travel agencies for your application. Oh, by the way, personal appearance is usually a must since interview is needed before the embassy grants you a visa.

Traveling around Europe is the most unforgettable trips I have ever had. It’s one of those continents you would always wish to go back with your love ones. Europe equates to real vacation for me. Going around its different countries just leave me breathless. Make yours memorable too by planning the perfect European tour. Happy vacation! 🙂