If you’re my friend in Facebook, you probably saw my update while I was in Tokyo. To get updates from me, “LIKE” my Facebook page – LUSHANGELBLOG. 🙂 I bought something as a reward for being an earthquake survivor! LOL! 😀 Before I left for Tokyo, I didn’t even plan of bringing home a new baby after this trip. We all know how expensive designer goods can be in Tokyo. In fact, having a vacation in Tokyo is like having a trip to Europe already given their high standard of living! But after having experienced such strong earthquake, there’s one thing I realized- Enjoy life to the fullest! You’ll never know when you’re time will come. Most of us are probably guilty when I say, our life is mostly made up of work, work and work. I think it’s just right to enjoy what we’ve worked for. Who knows, we might just die without even experiencing the fruits of our labor. I don’t want to sound morbid here, but after having experienced a strong earthquake, there’s just so many things that struck me. Death is a fact of life. In the end, we would all turn to ashes. Each of us just have our own time. Anyway, enough of my sentiments here. I’d rather reserve that in another post, where I’ll be sharing everything that I’ve experienced in Tokyo. Being one of those who experienced the biggest earthquake in Japan’s history, I think I have my own story to tell. 🙂

Moving on to my bag reveal, meet my Japanese baby… 😀


Finally, a Chanel Medallion in Beige! Yay! 😀 It was actually an impulsive decision. I haven’t really been “craving” for this bag for quite some time now. Two years ago, I was salivating over it. I would even dream about it. But for months now, I somehow forgot about it. Probably because I promised myself to stop my bag addiction with my Goyard St. Louis. Yes, I’m serious with that. I barely use all my bags. But when I saw this baby on the window display, I couldn’t stop myself from going inside the store. I never thought that I’ll leave carrying her already. Hehe! 😀 We were sort of on a shopping spree during our trip because of our experience. We just couldn’t believe we’re alive! We were just so happy that we’re safe and sound! 😀 And so, that explains my impulsive buy… Hehe! 😀



Lush Angel 😀