I admit. I can be anti social at times, especially when I need to be on the phone. It is a bad habit, I know. Most of the time, it is about work though so can I get a pass for that? ūüėČ


I’m also sociable – even when I’m on the phone. Well, I chat with my family and friends most of the time. Another pass to be on the phone? ūüėČ


Anyway, enough of that. I’m just talking about this elusive Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) hoodie. It deserves a post even if there is really nothing special with what I’m wearing. Haha! God knows how many sleepless nights I had to endure just to get this hoodie. In case you are not aware of the brand, it is from the U.S. and sold only online (with occasional pop-up stores). Once they release new stocks, it is gone in minutes – or seconds! So yes, it is just like Supreme.

I already have the black ASSC hoodie, which I bought from my nephew’s friend. But I’ve been eyeing on this limited ed grey hoodie with gold letters since it was first released. I was not quick enough to add it in my cart, unfortunately. One night though, I saw a reseller online selling it in my size. Since I’m paying more than double the SRP, I had to do an extensive research to make sure it is not fake¬† — thus, the sleepless nights. LOL! Finally, it’s with me and I got to wear it when I went to Baguio. YAS!



If you’ve seen my Instagram (@lush_angel), I got a new hair color in time for all the Christmas celebrations. It is a shade of purple with pinkish tips. I had this photo taken after almost a week and the ends have faded nicely to rose gold. Well, I keep on washing my hair so as expected, I’m already blonde two weeks after. The nice thing about it is that it faded nicely. I’m loving the color gradation of my hair, which is what I like whenever Fred of Hairshaft Salon does my hair color. I don’t have to worry what my hair color would look like when it fades.



Hoodie: ASSC
Shoes: Adidas NMD

Hair color: Fred of Hairshaft Salon

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