Steve Jobs … who wouldn’t know him? He seems to be the greatest innovator of our time.

Remember the CRT iMac G3? Instead of being particular on its specs, people seemed to be buying this monitor for its hip, modern design particularly its back. It was transparent for crying out loud! People were used to seeing boxy, all beige computers. Hence, when the iMac G3 emerged, people were wowed by its design and color.


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iPod classic. Now, this has worked wonders. This was the start of my being an Apple addict… Probably most people out there too got hooked into Apple because of this product. The wheel was a genius! iPod was so easy to navigate because of this. No mp3 player in the market came close to the iPod.


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The iTouch was amazing. I remember how much I needed to get this gadget (Here goes the techy side of me!). Listening to music with just a touch of a screen, how cool was that?! 😀

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What about this white laptop with a small Apple sign at the center? It was because of this MacBook why I bought a white laptop of another brand before. I was scared to be an Apple convert then since I thought I would have a hard time getting used to its interface.


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When the MacBook Pro was introduced, more and more people were becoming a convert. Now, seems like in every coffee shop I’ve been to, a MacBook is always present. I, for one, add to the MacBook users in the shop while I take a drink of my brewed coffee. Yes, I eventually became one of the converts, and now a self-confessed Apple addict.


Everyone went crazy over the iPhone. It was and still is a must-have to most gadget savvy people. They wait and fall in line outside the stores just to buy this device. They take pride for being the first few people to acquire such gadget.


The iPad. When this went out of the market, people were itching to buy one…or even 2! 🙂 Thanks to the iPad, I’m now an expert in plants vs zombies and angry birds. LOL! 😀


As I use my MacBook now, I know its creator is already gone but his legacy will continue forever. Thank you, Steve Jobs. Definitely a Jobs well done. iSalute you.