Yes, another seat sale!!! After the chaotic seat sale of Philippine Airlines, here comes Northwest Airlines summer sale to the U.S.! I am quite sure though their system is way, way better than PAL’s. Hehehe! Geesh! We are tempted to get tickets to the U.S.!!! My mom is just so scared because of the swine flu going on everywhere. Huhuhu! What a waste! 🙁

Anyway, for those who are brave enough to go to the States, purchase tickets before June 15, 2009. Travel period for this promo is from now until August 31, 2009. There is no required minimum stay, but you must return within 90 days. Check out the fares below.

northwest airlines philippines seat sale to U.S.

Take note that prices do not include fuel surcharges, which is $100 per way. Hmmm… looks like the people who were able to get U.S. tickets from PAL’s recent promo are very lucky since it turns out to be a bit cheaper. Well, for those who were not patient enough to get through PAL’s system, visit the website of Northwest Airlines Philippines. 🙂