Trendspotting: Jersey

I’ve been addicted to jersey tops these days. They’re so comfy, at the same time, very trendy. You’ve probably seen jersey tops or dresses around. They have been in the fashion scene for quite a while already. For some reason, I find them sexy too. It’s probably the thought that jerseys are more associated with men. What do you think? 😉


I’m so happy to find a sheer jersey top with a different kind of fabric on its sleeves (looks like leather from a far).


Trendspotting: Waist Tie

Another trend that has been around for months now is the waist tie. Okay, it’s quite early for a #ThrowbackThursday here, but yeah, it’s so 90’s! Haha! I can clearly remember how almost everyone loved to do this with their jackets back in high school. It was the cool thing to do on top of our uniform. Haha! Now it’s back! 😀


To go with my army green jacket, I used this olive green-ish/ brown-ish shoulder bag. I think it blended well with the entire look since it also has black patent strap and trimmings.



Trendspotting: Arm Candy

To bring more fun to the look, I’ve got an arm candy!


I’m wearing a fashion watch from Bench’s newest collection. I’m loving the blue and orange combo of the watch. It also comes in purple, green, pink, white and black. 😀


To match my watch, I used bracelets with blue and orange details too. I’m also wearing the Star of Venus charm bracelet from Alex and Ani.


Trendspotting: Ankle Boots

Who said boots can’t be worn in a tropical country? Fashion knows no boundaries. As the fall season creeps in, ankle boots can also be seen a lot lately everywhere.


Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Cotton On
Army jacket: from Hong Kong
Boots: New Look
Bag: Bric’s
Watch: Bench
Gold bangle: Alex and Ani
Shades: Prada baroque