What if the poppy previously planted in the city, could rise into the air? Then, the city would look like this… Watch the video below.

Kenzo’s new dream, Flower in the Air, took place in Paris- on the tip of Ile de la Cite. The beautiful Shu Qi witnessed the miracle. Hundreds, thousands of poppies freed from their stems arose and took possession of the sky. Ahhh… don’t we just wish we were also there to witness that?! It would have been such a heavenly sight! 😀

The new Kenzo Flower in the Air was recently launched here in the Philippines. I, together with other beauty bloggers, were invited to a very intimate gathering.


Look, everything in red, including my drink! Well, the raspberry juice has something to do with the new scent, which I’ll be talking about later on. 😉


When I looked up, there were flowers in the air! Awww… sooo cute, huh?! This is probably the closest experience of flowers in the air that we could have. Hehe!


Anyway, let’s talk more about the new Kenzo dream- Flower in the Air.


Kenzo Flower In The Air Bottle

It’s house in a transparent round glass bottle with a very artistic cap. It has an umbrella of petals, which seemed to be pulling the pool of perfume beneath it.


Kenzo Flower In The Air Scent

Kenzo Flower in the Air is a new interpretation of Flower by Kenzo, the original fragrance. Alberto Morillas created Flower in the Air for the women who have multiple and ever-changing facets.

It has raspberry and pink pepper for the top notes. The lovely floral scent comes from dazzling rose, magnolia and gardenia. And at its base is white musk.

I find the scent lighter and younger compared to Flower by Kenzo. In fact, I’m liking it even more.


Kenzo Flower in the Air is available at Rustan’s in 30ml (PHP 3,250), 50ml (PHP 4,900), and 100ml (PHP 6,550)

Flower Wave

As mentioned in my Flower By Kenzo: Flower Wave post, Kenzo is inviting everyone to join the Flower Wave, an online campaign supporting Every Mother Counts. To know more about it, read it HERE. You can also visit https://apps.facebook.com/kenzo_flowerwave/home to join the Flower Wave.

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