Together with the punk trend in the fashion scene, tartan is also back this season. What’s the difference between tartan and plaid? Tartan is also plaid but originally used in Scotland to identify a distinctive clan. Like plaid, the stripes vary in color and size.


It was a bit rainy so I went for a hoodie jacket. The weather wasn’t too hot nor too cold, so I decided to wear the jacket as a top. I wore a bandeau so I can unzip the jacket halfway.


The jacket is quite thick so it’s perfect to tote around even in cooler places. And guess what I love most about it… it’s reversible! If I want it plain, I can easily use the black side. I think it would be great for travelling. I can choose which side to use depending on what I’m wearing. As I’ve always said, I’m a light packer. I like multipurpose stuff. 😀



To bring out my girly side, I paired it with origami shorts.


Comfortable footwear is a must when running errands. Especially with our rainy weather, it’s better to go for closed shoes. But remember, going for comfort doesn’t mean wearing something boring. Here, I’m wearing a high cut leather sneakers from World Balance. It’s actually the same pair I wore in my OOTD: Unusual Mix post. This is another “two-in-one” piece. I can wear it like a regular black leather high cut sneaks or fold the top portion to reveal an exciting print.



I wore my COOKOO watch to make sure I’m always notified whenever I have messages. I need my hands to be free from gadgets while running errands.


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Origami skirt: Cinta Manila
Sneakers: World Balance
Bag: Bao Bao
Watch: Cookoo
Sunglasses: Fly Shades

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