If you’ve seen my OOTD: Bluer Than Blue post, I couldn’t stop raving about the watch I was wearing from the new Puma Ultrasize Collection. I’ve always been a fan of oversized watches and I guess that’s pretty obvious in my outfit posts. Isn’t this so beautiful (or should I say, handsome)? 😉


When I hear about “Puma Time”, I tend to associate it with sporty watches, as seen below. I’m sure I’m not the only one as Puma is a brand related to sporting goods.




But then Puma Ultrasize Watch was born. Following its success in 2012, Puma Ultrasize Holiday 2013 is bigger and better.


Puma Men’s Ultrasize Watch comes in 50mm, while Puma Women’s Ultrasize Watch sits in a 44mm oversized dial case. For the women out there, yes, there’s no need to borrow your boyfriend’s watch! LOL!


Ultrasize watch has the signature modern face, which is known for its commanding combination of simple elements- the elevated hour/minute marks, stylized ‘3’ at 15:00 and leaping Puma cat logo at 12:00.


Both men’s and women’s Ultrasize watches come in PU strap, leather strap, and stainless steel link bracelet!


Below are some of the Women’s Ultrasize watches available in leather straps. I’ve been itching to get a watch with leather strap so my choice was down to these two. I honestly had a hard time choosing. The teal is just so TDF, don’t you think? It’s sooo girly! But I also find the shade of brown quite unique. It’s in between gray and brown, which I thought would match almost any outfit. Well, true enough, I’ve been wearing it every single day since I got it. LOL!



But of course, a watch lover like me would love to have that oversized stainless steel bracelet in gold!!! Hello Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year! Haha! 😀


Puma Ultrasize Watch is available in Puma kiosk (SM Megamall Atrium), L Timestudio and Timegear Boutiques nationwide.

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