In an intimate event at Spices, Manila Peninsula, Pandora launched their latest Spring and Mother’s Day 2014 Collections. The place was in full bloom, just like Pandora’s Spring 2014 Collection! 😀


We couldn’t even start eating. The set-up was too pretty. I was very much contented staring at this beautiful table. Hehe!


Here I am with fellow blogger, Kelly Misa. And yes, both of us were engrossed with the lovely set-up. Hehe!


At the center of the room is the display of Pandora’s newest collection. Pandora taps into the burst of new life with its SPRING PARADISE COLLECTION – an assortment of soft florals, pretty pastels and delicate swarming butterflies that take us through a captivating journey of beautiful colors that are meant to capture unforgettable moments.


Spring means a season of blooming flowers, which you’ll see in this collection. They come in distinctive colors and hues: an assortment of daisy chains, enchanting English roses, lavenders and wild flowers. The popular pave ball charms have been re-imagined as lovely bouquets with multi-colored cubic zirconia in palest pink, lavender and purple, set in contrasting sizes.


And of course, when there are flowers, there are butterflies! 😀 The butterfly, largely regarded as the messenger of spring, is a symbol of transformation, renewal and rebirth. It is, thus, a precious symbol of the season, with its fluttering wings and fragile beauty. In this Spring Paradise Collection, you’ll see delicate butterflies in pendants, rings, and earrings made with sterling silver and embellished in zirconia.


As with any Pandora bracelet, you may wear the charm individually or combine them to create your own personal style.



And since Mother’s Day is just a few days away, they also have their Mother’s Day Collection. This include statement pieces that symbolize the precious bonds of family.


It features intricate openwork silver heart charms decorated with golden hearts, pastel pink roses on clips, charms, rings and earrings, and bows in sparkling stones.





Aren’t they so pretty? 😀 The thing with Pandora is once you have one, you tend to keep on adding more charms. They are so beautiful when stacked together. So, for those who are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, here’s another idea! 😉

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