Borrowing from your man’s closet from time to time should be fun. It’s a nice twist to your usual style. I wore this when I had an impromptu lunch at Marcia Adams’ in Tagaytay (short review below). Well, it wasn’t really cold so I skipped the cover up.

By the way, please don’t mind my face. I had no sleep the night before and I was too tired to wear makeup. I could be the before photo of stresstabs here! LOL! #StressDrilon


Got my man’s top from his closet, wore my boyfriend jeans, and Birkenstock for a super relaxed outfit. I was too stressed out that I just want to relax – and yes, even my #ootd for that day! Haha!




Not all women are comfortable wearing men’s clothes from head to toe. Well, if you noticed my previous outfits, I usually just incorporate men’s fashion for an edgy look. For this though, I decided to go all the way and just use feminine touches, like pink undergarment, lime green bag, and ladies watch (something new since I love oversized watches!)



So, dare to raid your man’s closet? 😉


Top: Bench
Pants: Cotton On
Sandals: Birkenstock
Bag: Suiteblanco

It was my first time at Marcia Adams’ Restaurant. We got a bit lost on the way. I clicked on the map posted in Marcia Adams’ Restaurant Facebook page, which redirected me to Google maps, but it brought us somewhere. It’s actually very easy to find. No need to use the map. Haha! It’s near Residence Inn Zoo (border of Tagaytay and Alfonso). Then, just enter the street after Residence Inn Zoo with the arch Bgy Sikat. From there, Marcia Adam’s is 150m away.


A lovely garden will lead you to the restaurant itself.




They also have dining area outside, which I actually prefer. It was just full at that time. 🙁


There’s a minimum order of PHP 700 per person. They have set meals which is about that price. It includes your choice of soup or salad, appetizer, main course, and dessert. If you don’t feel like eating too much, you can order salads and appetizers separately. Just make sure though your order would reach PHP 700, which is their minimum.

I ordered the set but upgraded my salad. Sorry, I completely forgot the name of this salad but this one is the bomb! It was sooo good!


They have a selection of appetizers and I chose the Prawns. I loved this too! Well, I could eat prawns all day. Haha! Thank goodness I don’t have allergies.


For my main course, I ordered the grilled porkchop. The serving was huge. Despite being so thick, it was tender and juicy. As for the taste though, it wasn’t really special but still good. Take note that their set menu changes from time to time.


I ordered Panna Cotta for dessert (which is also included in the set), while my friend got the bananas with ice cream for her set. I liked the Panna Cotta better since I find the bananas and ice cream ordinary. Hehe!


Overall, the food was good, but I find it quite pricey considering the taste. For me, the food wasn’t that special, but it doesn’t taste bad. If I’d go back again? Maybe I’ll try another restaurant in the area first. 😉 Probably, I wouldn’t go back any time soon.

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