Before I share my beautiful staycation experience at Discovery Country Suites, let me show you first my favorite spot here. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the Taal lake?! Despite the fog, the view was perfect. I wouldn’t deny, I hoped for clear blue skies, of course. But as you can see from my photos below, the view was still spectacular!


You might wonder how I could lounge in my swimwear in Tagaytay. Well, since it’s summer, it doesn’t get too cold during day time. It still gets a bit chilly at night though. Also, that jacuzzi is heated, so I don’t mind staying in there all day – with my special delivery of lemon water! 😀 Haha! I really commend the service here at Discovery Country Suites. They know what the customers want and need – without even asking them. I even got several surprises from them, as you can see from my Instagram posts (username: lush_angel). Big thanks again to The Discovery Leisure Company team! Anyway, await for my stories on their food and accommodations. They definitely deserve to be on the spotlight. 😀



Obviously, with this spectacular view, I took the opportunity to take photos of this swimwear I recently got from Cesa. Honestly, this is the first one-piece swimsuit I’ve ever owned. What made me decide to get this? The back detail!


If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably noticed that I easily get attracted to back details. 😀


What’s great about one-piece swimsuit is that you can actually wear it as a top – even if you’re not in the beach. You can pair it with shorts or skirt. If you find the top too “bare”, you can always use a cover-up.











Swimwear: Cesa
Sunglasses: Fly Shades