Last December 10, 2015, Jessie J performed live at Kia Theatre, Cubao. It was Smart Communications’ surprise Christmas gift to their loyal subscribers. They gave away a total of 3,000 tickets! Whoa!


I wasn’t able to watch Jessie J the last time she was in Manila. I heard the concert was a success. So this time around, I couldn’t miss the chance to see her live. Despite the Christmas rush and after braving the traffic for more than 2 hours, I arrived in the nick of time! Whew!


Her opening song was Domino and it was an instant boost of energy level!


And yes, almost everyone took photos and videos. Honestly, I missed those days when everyone was simply enjoying the music and performance in concerts rather than watching in small screens and taking that perfect photo. Oh well, I was one of them obviously. Haha! For me, I love looking back at photos and watching the videos all over again. It brings back fond memories, as if watching the performance live again. Okay sorry, I’m kinda confusing. LOL!


It was my first time to watch at Kia Theatre and I instantly loved the intimate setting. It was packed but I think no matter where you are in the theatre, you can see Jessie J clearly!


Well, the venue was very apt with Jessie J’s performance as she made a connection with everyone in the audience. This is the first time I watched a concert wherein I was really moved. Aside from singing all her hits like Flashlight, Bang Bang, Laserlight, Masterpiece, and Price Tag, she “talked” to us. I think everyone who watched the concert would agree how “real” and down-to-earth she is. She let us feel how she’s just one of us. She just wants to share her music and to do what she loves to do, that is to sing her heart out. Oh dear, Jessie J is genuine.


I haven’t even started how amazing her voice is. I must say, she’s one of the best pop singers. She even sang “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston and totally killed it! Okay, I’m seriously a Jessie J fan now!


She also wore the Manila shirt given to her by her fans from the audience.


Everyone surely went home pumped up, amazed, moved, and inspired. It was a mix of emotions, to be honest. You know how you feel so excited, at the same time, emotional? It’s just unexplainable. She didn’t have special costumes or jaw dropping stage effects. She just have her band, amazing voice, and her big heart. And everyone was wowed! Yes, she is indeed one special and outstanding performer.


Thank you Jessie J and Smart Communications for this memorable experience! This is definitely THE #SmartLife!


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