Gone are the days when sneakers and rubber shoes were only used during P.E. class and in the gym. Well, at least for me. Ever since I was a kid, you would only see one pair of rubber shoes in my shoe cabinet. I used to think that I was too girly to wear one. Fast forward to today, you’ll see all my heels neatly stored in boxes and hidden in places where I’d have hard time reaching them. Who would have thought that one day my shoe cabinet would slowly be a “sneaker storage”. And I honestly thought it was due to age that I’m slowly shifting in my choice of footwear. Hahaha! I never thought I would ever wear what I used to call “tourista outfit” here in Metro Manila. And I’m sure a lot of ladies would agree with me here. Well, I just wish that this sneaker trend will last forever!!! The good thing about this trend is there are now A LOT of choices out there. Even the most lady-like will want to own a pair or two! And Skechers has always been one of the brands that mix comfort and style when it comes to its shoes.


This year, Skechers unveils its latest footwear line featuring the stylish athletic Skechers Burst endorsed by Demi Lovato, the slim and sleek GO Step, the fun and comfy GO Flex Walk, and the retro chic Originals launched by Meghan Trainor – all feature unique styles to match diverse tastes.

And to show us how to use these footwear depending on our individual styles, Skechers has collaborated with the fashionistas, Camille Co and Kryz Uy. In an event that happened a few weeks ago, models strut the runway wearing different outfits and Skechers shoes styled by Camille and Kryz. Check them out below and get more style ideas how to move in style.



styled by Camille Co



styled by Kryz Uy



Beyond the fun and feminine look of the GO Step, the slim and sleek shoe also comes with the GO Walk 3’s midsole and insole featuring Goga Pillars Technology for excellent shock absorption and arch support.


Recently, I tried one of the pairs with Memory Foam insoles and I was surprised how comfortable it is!!! I felt I was bouncing in every step. I personally think it’s perfect for long walks and travel. I love how style is not sacrificed too. Both the Skechers Originals and Burst feature this air-cooled memory foam.


And of course, classic sneakers never go out of style. Don’t you just love the retro silhouettes of the Skechers Originals?


Well, as you can see from how the models were styled, Skechers shoes can definitely be worn from the gym to the streets. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. Whatever you do, whatever your style is, there’s surely a Skechers pair made for you. Now, are you ready to move in style?


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