I am a coffee addict. I admit. I used to drink at least 3-4 cups a day. Now, I managed to lessen it to at least 2 cups a day. The scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning excites me. Drinking a cup energizes me. It helps me write a blog post faster (I’m currently drinking one at 6pm as I write this). It’s part of my pre-workout drink as well as it gives me strength to lift weights. Basically, coffee is precious to me. It’s my life.


My coffee story started after college – when I was part of the corporate world and I had a 9am – 6pm job. It became my routine the moment I arrive at my desk to go to the pantry and get a cup in our coffee machine. I eventually craved for the taste of coffee the moment I wake up even on weekends. From there, I experimented brewing coffee, trying out different beans. I find it a bit time consuming though, especially when I’m in a hurry. This is why I was overjoyed when the new CBTL™ Venus arrived at my place.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is known for popularizing the CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System — an innovative concept that makes it easier for anyone to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of premium coffee or tea any time of the day, the coffee and tea authority proudly introduces the newest member of its CBTL™ line, Venus.

The CBTL™ Venus is a sleek new model that showcases The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s passion for innovation when it comes to specialty beverages. Definitely a thing of beauty and available in the brand’s iconic colors of orange and purple, the machine’s lithe, curvy, and minimalist design makes it easy to fit into any kind of home.


With just a single push of a button, the CBTL™ Venus’ unique twin pressure system which was specially designed in Italy allows the creation of a better, tailor-fitted drink every single time. It has high and gentle pressure options that will help all coffee and tea aficionados customize drinks to their heart’s content.


I have with me the Starter Kit which includes the orange CBTL™ Venus, CBTL™ Milk Frother, CBTL™ capsule boxes, mug, and whisk.

How to use the CBTL™ Venus?

  • Plug the unit and switch it on (located at the bottom of the unit).


  • Fill the tank with the right amount of water needed for your cup of coffee. By the way, make sure to clean the water tank first! Also, if you’re using the unit for the first time, make sure to complete the water circuit filling cycle. It’s all in the manual, which is very easy to follow.


  • Raise the lever and place your chosen capsule into the capsule compartment opening. Then, lower the lever completely. Wait for it to process until the white light becomes steadily lit.




  • Place a cup under the coffee dispenser spout.
  • Depending on your desired beverage, turn the knob so that it is aligned with the espresso, long espresso, brew coffee or tea. Then, just press the button. Coffee is prepared in 1 to 3 minutes, depending on choice of beverage.

cbtl-venus-how to

I’ve always wanted to learn and create various coffee drinks at home. If I could be my own barista, why not? My problem is I don’t have any idea how to create even a simple Café Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha Latte, or Café Mocha! But with my starter kit, I don’t have to leave the house just to get my coffee fix. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® got me covered with its Recipe Suggestions, which came with the Milk Frother unit.


  • All I need to do is just plug the unit and fill it with milk. There are two levels inside the frother – Min and Max. Use the milk level that corresponds to the desired drink, which is indicated in the Recipe Suggestions.



  • Put back the lid. Make sure both arrows meet or else the frother won’t work! It happened to me and I thought the unit was busted!


  • Then, just press the button!


  • In just a minute or two, it’s done! Just pour milk and foam onto your cup with the coffee or tea.



Hooray! I’m an instant barista! 😀 I’ve already made my own Americano, Cappuccino, Café Latte, and Café Au Lait – and all these are made with just a push of a button! Woot!


The new CBTL™ Venus allows anyone to create their favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® drinks with ease and at the comfort of their own home or office. It is also beneficial to those who are busy or don’t have time to prepare a good cup of coffee. With this, one can get quality coffee in a click!


CBTL™ Venus retails for PHP 8,250, while the CBTL™ Milk Frother is at PHP 4,250. CBTL™ capsule is at PHP 400/box. These are all available at select The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores nationwide. Swirl Rewards card members gets points for every purchase.

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