Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty?! I remember when I was in Japan, I couldn’t resist taking photos and buying Hello Kitty merchandise. Cuteness overload!!! But just imagine Hello Kitty wandering to different places around the world… Hello Kitty The Wanderer makes her even more irresistible, especially for a travel junkie like me!!! 😀 😀 😀


Okay, that Hello Kitty 2014 planner is just too perfect for me! I’d have to calendar all my travels for the year as I’ve proclaimed 2014 to be my “wanderlust year”. LOL!

Hello Kitty brings us along with her as she travels to famous landmarks and cultural sights from all around the world- London, New York, Italy, Russia, Germany and Paris- through her new collection Hello Kitty Around The World. Just take a look how she dresses up in different costumes as she travels around the world. Hehe!


Avid collectors and fans of Sanrio can choose from plush dolls, tumblers, mugs, stainless tumblers, bag tags, pins, refrigerator magnets, eco bags, and water bottles.


Thank you so much to Hello Kitty Philippines! You just made my day!!! 😀 😀 😀

To know more about Hello Kitty Philippines, follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @imHelloKittyPH

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