What is it like to be in my shoes? Not everybody knows what my typical day looks like so today, I thought of giving a little tour of my life! Ooops, wait… not that it’s super interesting! I just want to share how I get by a busy day, especially now I discovered something new – which I’m quite sure will be very useful to you as well!


First of all, I start my day with a cup of coffee. (Sorry, I had to include that because my entire day will be ruined without it. Seriously!) After being recharged, I then start with endless paper works in the office. I normally attend events in the afternoon so I try to get ready by lunch. I also squeeze in meetings in between or after events. Before going home, I workout for about an hour and have my dinner around 9pm. I also try to do more office work and blog in a coffee shop or when I get home. My day ends around 2am -3am. That’s my typical day! Tiring isn’t it? #TheStruggleIsReal

With my lifestyle, I am very much dependent on my mobile phone. As you can see, I’m always on-the-go and I can’t afford to be detached from my phone. I talk to clients via sms, voice call, or e-mail – and they need immediate response! Not to mention, as a blogger, I also keep my social media accounts updated. And at the end of the day, keeping in touch with my loved ones is my stress-reliever.


So just imagine the inconvenience when my mobile phone fails me. Basically, it can disrupt my day’s activities! Thankfully, Smart Communications just launched the My Smart App! What does it do?

My Smart App

My Smart is a self-service platform that allows subscribers to manage their accounts online – from a simple checking of balance, retrieving their account information, or activating/deactivating an array of services. It gives people control over all their personal accounts, so if they need something with their subscription fixed, or want to avail of a new package add-on, they can do it themselves anytime, anywhere.

The app makes the ff. services available:

With the new My Smart app, I don’t have to worry about getting disconnected! I can now be in control of my data, add package/s and everything else related to my Smart subscription with just a few clicks. Oh, and it can also make my travels hassle-free! I can activate international roaming in an instant, which means I can use Google Maps and TripAdvisor while I travel.


Here’s a quick video to show how convenient My Smart app is! Enjoy!

For someone who can’t even squeeze in a visit to a Smart store or a call to the customer service, this My Smart app is definitely helpful! I can do anything to my Smart subscription anytime, anywhere!

My Smart is available via Web, Mobile, and Mobile App (Android & IOS).

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