How’s the weather treating you? It has been rainy and windy for the past couple of days! Too bad for me, I had to travel north to south for meetings and events, and unfortunately, get stuck in horrendous traffic too! Oh, and this gloomy weather has been a little too depressing and emotional for me – definitely not a good one for someone who just celebrated her birthday… Ehem… Oh well, life goes on and it’s always better to look at the brighter side – time to change the way I see things! Agree?!


Anyway, moving on… so I braved the wind and the rain to take outfit shots a few days ago. Whew! It was definitely a challenge, as you’ll see from the photos below. To be honest, I really wanted to take some photos of my outfit because it’s been a while since I rested my kicks. Haha! Sneakers and rubber shoes have been my uniform almost everyday, so here’s one of those days I decided to dress up a bit. Change shouldn’t be bad, anyway!



I went for a chiffon top and lace skirt. I wasn’t in the mood to wear pumps though, so I tried on this pair of Faux Pas sandals with low block heels.


I can’t believe I was just recently introduced to Faux Pas! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a brand from Paris and its shoes are made of PVC – so it’s definitely perfect to wear during this rainy season. What makes it unique is you can easily change the pins (which they call “Jams”) to create shoes exactly the way you want it! I decided to go for a round chrome metal to go with my nude sandals for a nice contrast.


By the way, did I mention that all these photos were taken using a phone camera??? Let me rephrase that… a phone camera with Leica dual lenses… In case you haven’t heard, there’s this new smartphone in town called Huawei P9, which has been getting a lot of great reviews. And I must say, it’s a game changer for those who love to take photos! It will definitely change the way you see things – from lifeless to vibrant colors, from grainy and blurry to sharp and crisp.



I couldn’t believe how powerful the camera is until I tried it. So just imagine how strong the wind was at that time… I couldn’t even stand still as I was being blown away by the wind!


My photographer that day, Trice (Thank you so much, dear!), had shaky hands too because of the wind. Well, the weather was really uncooperative that day, as you can see from the photos. Haha! I kinda expected that I’ll be reshooting this outfit because I thought the photos would come out blurry (well, because it’s a phone camera!) There you go… as they say, never ever judge! I was surprised how the photos came out. But then, my judgment did not stop there. Ooops… I’m so sorry!!! Well, I thought, maybe the photos only appear clear on the phone’s LCD and it would not look the same when transferred to my laptop. Okay, I was wrong again! As you can see, the photos are crisp and vibrant, as if they were taken using a real camera! Wow!


Here are a few landscape shots I took as well…




and some indoor shots…



These are actually not bad for indoor photos! In fact, it’s even better than other cameras out there! It has several camera options and you can even go on manual mode to those who are into photography!

Who wouldn’t be blown away with Huawei P9?! It changed the way I see smartphone cameras with Huawei P9’s Leica lens. It changed the way I take photos. Most importantly, it changed the way I see things because of the crisp and vibrant photos, as if I’m brought back to that memory or event.


Top & Bottom: from Bangkok
Sandals: Faux Pas (available at Res|Toe|Run)
Bag: Chanel

*photos were taken using Huawei P9

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