It’s pretty obvious how much I love my Veloci watches when you see my OOTDs. Most of all, they have been my favorite travel companions. You can see some of my posts here: Cebu, Japan, and Cambodia. Through Veloci’s interchangeable NATO straps, I can easily mix and match them with the clothes I wear, as if I brought different watches with me. Haha! And because everybody loves Veloci, they’ve expanded their collection. I now have a new favorite!!! Oh my!!! 😀

Currently, Veloci has 3 collections under its belt- Cruise, Voyager, and the new Aeronaute.


Veloci Cruise is a testament that color is everything. In this collection, VELOCI aims to breathe a fresh and practical perspective to its time pieces that match whatever you are wearing, whether on-the-go or simply just cruising about your day. The Cruise collection comes in a palette of colors from cool pastel pink to lemon yellow and subdued hues of gray and classic white to the more adventurous bright red, purple, and blue, all in a 38mm size.


 Veloci Cruise is priced at PHP 2,750, but for the mother of pearl white dial, it’s PHP 2,950.


Veloci Voyager collection, too, is inspired by the depths of the sea. It fits those with active lifestyle. The Voyager watch features a rotating bezel and comes a regular 40mm and the bigger size, a more modern 44mm.


If you noticed, Cruise has a more feminine touch, while Voyager can be considered as its masculine counterpart. But of course, being a lover of men’s watch, the rugged feel of Voyager appeals to me more. It also comes in various colors of dials from bold orange to classic black, silver and blue. The blue face with nautical strap below is TDF, don’t you think?! 😀 😀 😀

Veloci Voyager ranges from PHP 3,450 to PHP 3,950.


Now, Veloci takes to the skies in this new collection with a premium timepiece known as Aeronaute. Taking the center stage is the dark and sophisticated colors. It also comes in a few lighter shades, like subdued yellow and white.


Veloci Aeronaute ranges from PHP 3,250 to PHP 5,850. The first 3 watches in the photo below is the one priced at PHP 5,850. Not bad, eh? Judging by its looks, I even thought it’s about PHP 10,000!


This is what I was talking about earlier. I found my new favorite from the Aeronaute collection! Okay, correction: “favorites”. I can’t help but drool!!! My top 3 favorites: Chronograph stainless steel with black dial and yellow numbers, Chronograph army green dial, and last but not the least, Chronograph black case with black dial and orange numbers. Ahhh… I’ve been imagining them on my wrist! Haha! 😀



It’s amazing how Veloci creates timeless Italian-inspired watches that are really affordable. Quality is not even a question as Veloci uses high-grade Japanese movements and high-quality nylon NATO straps. Here are only some of the NATO straps available you can use for the watches. They look so fun, young, colorful and stylish!!! 😀


So now, what’s your favorite? 😀

VELOCI watch is available at selected L TIMESTUDIO, Timegear, and Asprey Boutiques.

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