You have probably heard various fashion styling rules – what not to wear, how to mix colors, what accessories to put, and the list goes on and on. And I’m quite sure all of us have broken some of those “rules” at some point. Let me tell you a secret… I love breaking rules – when it comes to fashion, of course. Take for example this…


They say black and brown can’t go together. I beg to disagree. Well, in this case, it is not exactly brown. It is tan, a lighter shade of brown that is a great contrast with black. A simple fashion rule that everyone has to remember is that neutrals go with anything and everything.


Another fashion rule that I love to break is the mix of metals. Mixing gold and silver used to be a no-no. In this look, I mixed gold (chain hardware of bag), silver (bangle), and rose gold (watch) because… WHY NOT?! You can even stack gold and silver bracelets if you want to.


Since it is an outfit in neutrals, I can wear this from day to night. I wore this during the day for events until date night. I did not even had to change my footwear. Low block heels have been my favorite. Definitely a life changer! LOL!



Here are more photos of this look…







At the end of the day, the one and only rule you should remember is this – wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, happy and confident!


Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Matthews
Bag: Chanel
Watch: Henry London
Bangle: Charriol
Earrings: Neon Island

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