Blogging has been my world for 9 years now. Just typing that sentence made me say, “Wow! It has been a while!” When I started, I just really wanted to have a journal of my travels until I thought of sharing my #OOTDs, beauty finds, and recently my fitness journey. has really evolved, I must say. I’m thankful to all the brands that have supported me along the way and of course, YOU, the readers, for continually supporting me. Cliché as it may sound but it is true when I say that this blog is nothing without you.

Where do I get inspiration? How is it possible that I’m able to write and post almost everyday? How do I juggle work and blog? I’ve heard a lot of people say blogging is very easy. To be honest, I’m offended because in reality, it is not. It is not just about taking photos, posing in front of the camera, attending events, and writing a post – at least for me. For me, my blog is about sharing what I love, my honest thoughts and insights and my journey and experience. Therefore, it takes A LOT of time!

Sadly, just like any other jobs, bloggers also experience the dreaded “burnout”. And I’m not ashamed to say I’ve experienced it. You know how it feels when everything is just piling up and you feel the need to finish everything ASAP? You end up finishing everything for the sake of crossing them out on your to-do list, but in reality, you are not really happy with your output. Then, when you are on vacation, you always think about your content? It could get overwhelming and I won’t lie — it is hard to get back on track.

How did I get out of that black hole?

Reminding myself why I started this blog. It is all about the fun of sharing what I love, my honest thoughts and insights, my journey and experience, and spreading good vibes. It is not just work. I think in any job, you always have to love and enjoy it for it not to feel like “work”. I started to enjoy the process of writing again – whether it be reminiscing my travel as I write about it, to my relaxing experience of lathering a facial cream that I’m reviewing, or to that lovely feeling of dressing up nicely for a style post.


Getting and staying inspired. I thought of having achievable goals to stay inspired– and nope, it’s not the numbers. For me, it is not about the number of followers or readers, it is the quality of the content I produce. Whenever I’m able to write a nice article (Well, in my standards… LOL!), I get more inspired. Oh, and I get inspired when I take breaks or when I travel too.

Learning to stay offline. Although the internet has everything, I keep myself sane by spending quality time with family and friends. I realized, there’s no need to post every detail of my life online.


Keeping a healthy mind and body. Sounds odd to be part of the tips to avoid blogger burnout, but hear me out here. When you are healthy and stress-free, this is the best time to write. You won’t be able to think well if you are tired physically and mentally. I felt the difference when I started eating healthy and getting into fitness.


Working out made me feel more inspired, which is why I added a fitness category here in my blog. I felt its importance when people started asking me about my fitness journey.


Taking vitamins everyday also helps in keeping me healthy, specifically vitamin C for a stronger immune system. Seriously, who can be inspired to write when you’re sickly? Some avoid Vitamin C because it can be acidic. A good choice of non-acidic Vitamin C with potent anti-oxidant is FERN-C. For daily maintenance, take 1-2 capsule/s. For cold symptoms, take 3-4 capsules daily. Oh, and aside from increasing body resistance from infectious disease, I like how FERN-C can also promote healthy gums, teeth, bones, and skin. Remember, being healthy is what keeps you going!


Just like how FERN-C’s endorsers Alyssa Valdez and Enchong Dee would say it, “Sa FERN-C, tiwala ako na kaya ko!”


So yup, blogger burnout is real, but I hope that reading through my experience can help you avoid it.

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