I love Korean food! Although a lot of their dishes are a bit too spicy for me, I still crave for them. The spices make their dishes unique. This is why I’m always on the look out for the best Korean restaurants in town.

I, together with other bloggers, were recently invited to this affordable Korean restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia called Chef’s Noodle. When I first heard the name, I didn’t realize that it was actually a Korean restuarant until I saw their sign. LOL! Ooops, sorry my bad!


I was impressed with its interior. It doesn’t have that fast food kind of ambiance.


Here are some of the dishes we tried…

Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun (PHP 99): Pancake version with fresh shrimps and squids, spring onion and bell pepper.

It’s like seafood omelette. I’m not a huge fan of bell pepper, but surprisingly, I didn’t bother taking them out as it gives tastes to the dish. This one is good for sharing.


Bulogogi Kimbap (PHP 95): Seaweed rice rolls with beef and leeks.

I love how this sushi actually tastes like beef bulgogi. I find the price super worth it as I can even make it as my full meal. I can’t even finish the 10 rolls!


Chef’s Noodle (PHP 150): Chef’s Noodle signature dish. It’s Korean noodles with beef and anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll and bulgogi.

Think of this as their version of Japanese ramen. It’s a bit bland for my taste though. But I won’t mind ordering this again considering its price and it’s even good for sharing!


Bibimbap (PHP 99): Traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables and egg. Choices of beef, pork or chicken. This meal already comes with Iced Tea.

Yes, you read the price right! PHP 99 for a Bibimbap meal! Even I find it unbelievable. Hehe! Of course you can’t expect a lot of meat in this bowl, but it’s good enough for me. Oh and take note, the beef is really tender! It goes well with their chilli paste. Even if you are not into spicy food, trust me, you’ll love it with the chilli paste. It is not even that hot when you don’t put a lot. 😀


Starking Fire Sushi (PHP 160): Chef’s Noodle famous dish by Chef Choi In Sun. Sushi rice topped with thinly sliced Australian beef torched and served with soy and wasabi. Choice of beef or seafood.


Now, this one’s my ultimate favorite! The meat on top of the sushi rice is served raw. They’ll torch it in front of you until it gets cooked. The beef is really tender. I will definitely go back for this!!! 😀


They have it in tuna too, if you wish.


They also have other famous Korean dishes that I must try in my next visit, like Kalbichim, Kimchi, Japchae and Jjampong. Oh, and they serve yummy gelato too for dessert! 😀

I told you, it’s affordable Korean food! To be honest, my eyes grew big when I saw the menu. It’s even cheaper than fast food! Best of all, they didn’t sacrifice the quality and taste of their food. Now, that’s value for money! 😀 Yay, I’m so glad to discover Chef’s Noodle. I can’t wait to be back soon.

Chef’s Noodle is located at the lower ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia. You can also visit their website, http://chefsnoodlephils.com/ for their menu.

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*Prices listed above may change without prior notice