stackers burger cafe eastwood  stackers burger cafe food review

Stackers Burger Café is another new restaurant in Eastwood. And since I love to dine in and try new restaurants popping out here and there, my friends and I tried Stackers last Saturday. Their specialty is their burgers, similar to Wham! Burgers, Hotshots, and Brother’s Burger. And since we love meat and we love burger, we thought that Stackers Burger Café is a must-try!

stackers menu and price

Browsing through their menu, they don’t offer burgers alone. They also have Chicken Nuggets, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Tenders Salad, Caesar Salad, milk shakes, sundaes, etc. They look very, very appetizing. But since Stackers boast of their burgers, we ordered burgers, obviously! Hehehe! 🙂 Check out two of our orders below.

stackers philly cheese burger
Philly Cheese Burger (Php 150)

stackers jack burger
Jack Burger (Php 225)

Verdict: So-so… What do I mean by “so-so”? As for the price, it’s not that expensive. Their burgers range from Php 95 to Php 250. But, I find their burgers not juicy enough compared to other competitors like Hotshots, Brother’s Burger and Wham! Burgers. I find it quite dry and blunt. I ordered the Jack Burger because it has bacon and cheese in it. The problem- the bacon is not salty that I was not able to savor it at all. It is also not crispy, which is what I prefer in my bacons. My Php 225 is gone and left me unsatisfied. Hehehe! This is just my opinion because as for Arthur, he found their burger “okay”. See… I told you it’s “so-so”. It’s not a total flop that I would never go back, but it’s not ultra satisfaction for us. The Crispy Burger Melt of Hotshots remains the best for me! Oh, but let me just add that their Stackers Iced Tea is the best! It’s similar to Wendy’s Iced Tea, which I sooo love! 🙂

stackers iced tea

Stackers Iced Tea (Php 45- large)