The word ‘upgrade’ can be a little intimidating. Whether we are talking about makeup look, fashion style, or even mobile plan, more often than not, getting an ‘upgrade’ can be more expensive and complex. Well, it’s not the case all the time. I rounded up my top 6 simple and easy ‘upgrades’ that could even cost less.


Brows. Brows are very important. They frame the face, which can instantly change the way you look. Problem? Not everyone knows how to do their own brows. The easy way to do it? Use a colored brow mascara to match brows with your hair color and to somehow fill in sparse brows. Do you know that my first brow product is actually a brow mascara? I didn’t know how to define my brows then so the easiest way to get a makeover is by brushing a tint on my brows! If you feel it’s not enough, you can use a brow powder to fill in the spaces of your brows.



Highlighter. Not sure how to use contour powder? Go for highlighter instead! It’s easier and dual purpose – get that chiseled look and glowing skin in an instant. Just apply on top of your cheek bones and you’re good to go! You can even skip everything else as long as you have fresh and glowing skin!


Bold Lip Color. Probably the easiest way to upgrade a look is through lipstick. Go from day to night by changing your lip color. Try cherry red or bright pink and you can keep everything else minimal. Easy upgrade, huh?


Heels. When it comes to fashion, the best way to upgrade a look is to put on those heels! I know, I know… kicks are the way to go these days. In fact, they have been part of my uniform. But for times you need to dress up and you’re not in the mood, just slip on those heels and you’re good to go!



Cover up. Wearing a casual outfit? Throw in a tailored cover up, put on your heels and you’re ready for a night out!



Get a Smart Postpaid plan. Because I’m talking about upgrade, now is the right time to get a postpaid plan from Smart! Some would think it would cost more. Hold that thought because the new #SmartPostpaidPlans are bigger and better now — bigger data allocations, better handset options, more free chat apps (Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp) and unlimited all net texts. You can even get a plan as low as Php 399. Another good news? You only need to present 1 valid ID — now, that’s an easy upgrade!

Just to give you an idea, check out these revamped Smart Postpaid Plans:

Smart’s new offers start at Plan 399, which now comes with 3GB data (up from the previous 1 GB data), followed by Plan 599 with 5GB data (up from 4GB), and Plan 799 with 8GB data (up from 7GB).

Smart also offers Plan 999 with monthly 10GB data; Plan 1499 with 18GB data; Plan 1999 with 24GB data; Plan 2499 with 30GB data; and Plan 2999 with 36GB data – each with built-in call minutes to all networks, unlimited texts to all networks, and free access to Facebook Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp every month.

If you can’t live without mobile data, just like me, or if you’ve been scrimping on your mobile data monthly allocation, then it’s time for an upgrade — without the need to spend more!

Yup, you can watch your fave shows with the fast Smart LTE Postpaid SIM and bigger data volume.


Head to the nearest Smart Store or visit for more information.

So, any more easy upgrades that you can share? Just leave a comment below!

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